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Childcare options

Janet White nannies have a childcare qualification and in most cases several years childcare/nanny experience. They are  capable of taking sole charge of children in the parents absence and providing a safe caring and stimulating environment. They are not expected to do general housework but are expected to clear up after the children and themselves, cook for the children and most cases do the children’s washing and ironing and see their rooms are clean and tidy. They are not responsible for general housework or clearing up after the parents.

Parent’s Helps
Parent’s Helps generally work alongside the mother/father providing support with childcare and carrying out domestic duties related to the children. In addition they will often help with family laundry and general light housework.
Parent’s Helps will have a certain amount of childcare experience and may have a recent childcare qualification or are in the process of obtaining one.

Nanny Housekeepers
Nanny Housekeepers  are competent in childcare and will carry out household duties. They work best in situations where there are school age children and care is required before and after school and full time in the holidays and when children are ill.

Maternity Nurses/Nannies specialize in and are experienced in the care of newborn babies and will  provide complete care which includes bathing, changing , and settling the baby  and if bottle fed preparing feeds and feeding the baby. The maternity nurse should establish a good feeding and sleeping routine for the baby and see that the mother is able to rest. They give help and advice and provide as much or as little hands on help as the parents would like. Some of our maternity nurses have originally trained as midwives others have done maternity nursing courses.  Most  live in 5 or 6 days a week for the required number of weeks and are on call 24 hours but some just do nights or work daytime.

Doulas offer practical and emotional support to a new mother and father.  It is often said a doula  ‘mothers  the mother’ offering encouragement and suggestions. She will help with older siblings and help around the house, including meal preparation. Most of our doulas are mothers themselves and have undertaken doula training.  Generally they work daytime hours as required by the families.

Our European AuPairs are young people who come to the UK to live as a member of an English speaking family and  learn the language.  They work part time, usually up to 25 hours a week and assist with childcare and light household duties in return for free accommodation, meals and pocket money of £75 per week minimum. They must be able to attend  part time English language classes. Most AuPairs have limited childcare experience and are suitable as an extra pair of hands for a non working mother  with young children or for providing before and after school care for school age children. We do not  place AuPairs in families where  they will have sole charge of children under three. The Agency placement fee for an AuPair is £410 or £200 for a summer only placement, due on confirmation of placement.

Parent's information

Call 0113 2936699
Mobile: 07970 071509 to speak to a member of our staff.